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Lubos Hollan
Marketing & Advertising
online entrepreneur
Tousif Parvez
Technical & Support
Hello I am Lubos Hollan an offline and online entrepreneur living in Slovakia. I have been working as Direct Sales manager for past 6 years. My dream was to be able to earn money online which would give me complete freedom. Then I came across online marketing and felt in love with it because it is the best combo for me, working with people and earning money online. I struggled from the beginning with rev shares and some binary programs because the year of 2016 was full of scams and many people got burned. Then I realized that the only way to earn some money online is to learn how to recruit and promote and I have met so many great people, even build my own team of trusted people. The only problem was to find the right program. I love to help people believe it or not and when this opportunity came along I didn’t hesitate for a second. I have teamed up with Tousif for the reason he has experience with handling scrips issues and make you all happy by running the site without any problems.
Our main admin and the person who designed MyBTCLife is Tousif Parvez. He is a Network Administrator in a Multinational in Abu Dhabi since 2008. He started his online journey from 2010 as PTC clicker in PTC sites worked and was co admin in many PTC sites and got lots of experience in handling scripts, he have experience in handling 12 scripts till now. He is currently running GuruClix (since Feb 2016) and ClixUnion (since August 2016), both of which are doing amazingly without a single complain. MyBTCLife means everything to him and he will do his best to keep everyone happy. His experience in programming, web design and coding is invaluable to the success of MyBTCLife and our members.
The reason why MyBTCLife was created is to give people the opportunity to earn money online without the need of spending a fortune in start up fees. MyBTCLife is a program where you can build your wealth and if you maintain your focus and work hard, it could be the only program you will ever need. The potential is just huge here. Once you join MyBTCLife, all you have to do is to bring three people with you and help them do the same. As your team grows you can upgrade to higher levels and earn more donations from your downline as well as receive advertising credits that you can use for advertising your other businesses or products on MyBTCLife website. The concept is very simple and it is up to you how you take this opportunity and make your dreams come true. The great thing about MyBTCLife is that we as Admins are not holding any of your donations in the system nor able to change any of your personal details such as your Bitcoin ewallet ID, security question or your password, so it is completely safe for you to achieve your dreams and financial freedom.