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    What is MTI?

    The What...

    Mirror Trading International trades with bitcoin on the forex market on behalf
    of its members. MTI provides a platform where anyone can invest their BTC and
    track their growth daily. Mirror Trading International's primary goal is to make bitcoin
    accessible to anyone and help them to grow it.

  • Why MTI?

    The WHY...

    Leveraging state of the are technology, MTI saw the opportunity to open up the cryptocurrency market to everyone.
    With little to no experience needed, anyone can join the crypto-market in share in it's advantages...

  • Compound Earnings

    The WHY...

    Because your earnings are added to your wallet daily,
    those earnings get traded with again earning you even more.

  • How does it work?

    The How...

    MTI trades with all its member's combined bitcoin daily using traders and artificial intelligence software.
    Daily profits are transferred to the members personal pool wallet. The next day that balance will be traded with again.

  • Start your journey

    The How...

    Signup with Mirror Trading International by clicking the button below.
    Signup is FREE & INSTANT. You can access your dashboard immediately
    and you start earning BTC the instant your account has been funded.

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    Bitcoin Wallet

    The How...

    Using your favorite bitcoin wallet, you can fund your MTI trading account.
    Create your wallet address int the BackOffice and transfer your BTC.

  • Start Growing Your BTC

    That's It

    Your bitcoin is now in the trading pool being traded daily.
    You get daily results showing the BTC added to your personal wallet.